We've been showing employers how to save 30-50% in the cost of health care since 1996.

The simple fact is that premiums are going up all over the country by double digits and managed care is not going to reduce those increases.  The only option a business owner has presently to avoid the premium increases is to strip out benefits.  Having pioneered the alternative and providing an employer with a way to reduce its cost without lowering benefits or simply maintain the benefits it has without increasing cost.  The employer will learn how to pay for its plan in a slightly different fashion.

An HRA can be written with any size case, in fact, our smallest case to date is two employees.

If you are experienced with self-funded plans, you will need to put aside your knowledge in many facets of the traditional self-funded approach.  We will show you why and how the HRA, self-funding and partial self-funding concept works!