Why Choose An HRA?
Why you should choose Administrative Employer Driven Solutions to cut your costs!

Why Choose An HRA?

Why choose Administrative Employer Driven Solutions?
Over the last twenty years, employers have been faced with the dilemma of double-digit rate increases on health plans. Until now, their choices have been:

1) Reduce benefits so the premium reduces
2) Pass the extra cost to the employees in the form of payroll deductions
3) Eliminate the plan completely

Well, none of these choices are acceptable to many employers!  Employers are deciding to take on the risk and responsibility of providing benefits in a new way, which helps control cost but maintains great benefits for employees.

Administrative Employer Driven Solutions allows an employer to select from two TPA options, BEN-E-LECT or E.D.I.S., who will help the employer select a High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) from an insurance carrier. On behalf of the employer, Administrative Employer Driven Solutions will provide the benefits under the HDHP so the plan works the way employees have become accustomed with the benefits employees need.

The employer's goal is to maintain or improve benefits while at the same time getting cost under control.

We also have alternative stop loss solutions for the mid-market and large group.

If you have any questions about benefits, how a claim gets paid, PPO network, or just a "what if" then give Administrative Employer Driven Solutions, BEN-E-LECT, or E.D.I.S. a call. We will steer you to the right member on staff to help.